Welcome To the World Of Emily Dickinson

The job of every writer and poet is to say what ordinary people are unable
to express in words. There are so many facets to the mind and works
of Emily Dickinson. People will never tire of her genius. Many of her poems
are little commentaries from her in the natural world. See it in spades
in the first  verse of A Bird Came Down the Walk and following,
I Like To See It Lap The Miles.


A bird came down the walk.
He did not know I saw.

He cut an angleworm in half
And ate the fellow raw.  


I like to see it lap the Miles –
And lick the valleys up-
And stop to feed itself at Tanks –
And then – prodigious step

Around a pile of Mountains –
And supercilious peer
In Shanties – by the sides of Roads –
And then a Quarry pare

To fit its sides and crawl between
Complaining all the while
In horrid – hooting stanza –
Then chase itself downhill –

And neigh like Boanerges –
Then – prompter than a Star
Step -docile and omnipotent
At its own stable door –

Unveiling the Poetry of Mystery and Intrigue

Born in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1830, Emily Dickinson
was not only a poetic genius but also an intriguing character.
Known for her penchant for white dresses and her habit
of writing letters and poems late into the night,
Dickinson left a trail of curiosity and creativity wherever she went.

In “Because I could not stop for Death,” Dickinson
takes us on a poetic carriage ride through the journey
 of life and mortality. The gentle cadence of her words
and the profound themes woven into the verses
make this poem a captivating exploration
of the human experience.

Imagine poetry as a secret code, and Emily Dickinson
as the brilliant code writer. Her words are like
little puzzles waiting to be solved. Let’s unravel the mystery
 of her poems together!

Crack the code! Test your decoding skills in deciphering
the world of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. See if you can unlock
the secrets hidden within her verses.

Journey through visual landscapes inspired by Emily Dickinson’s
verses.  Capture for yourself the essence of her mysterious
and thought-provoking poetry, as she invites
young minds to explore the magic within each line.

“Forever is composed of nows.” – Emily Dickinson.
In just a few words, Dickinson captures the essence of time
and the significance of each moment. Her quotes,
like her poems, are windows into profound reflections on life.

Now step into the enigmatic world of Emily Dickinson,
a poet who, despite leading a reclusive life, wove words
with the brilliance of a star. Much like her verses,
Dickinson herself remains a poetic mystery,
and each line she penned invites us
into the depths of her poetic labyrinth.

Let the words of Emily Dickinson dance in the air.
Reading her poems aloud transforms the experience
into a shared journey of discovery. Gather your loved
ones and let the magic of her verses unfold.

Emily Dickinson’s poetry is like a mirror reflecting
the emotions and questions we all encounter. As you read
her verses, you may find echoes of your own thoughts
and feelings, making her words a companion in your daily reflections.

Poetry is a vast garden with flowers of different colors
and scents. Emily Dickinson’s flowers bloom in shades
of mystery and introspection. As we explore diverse poets,
each one adds a unique hue to this poetic tapestry.

Become a poet like Emily! Use her unique style as inspiration
to create your own verses. Write about the mysteries
you imagine and the wonders you see, just like Dickinson
did in her secluded sanctuary.

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