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Hi! Glad you’re here. We’re here to bring you a new world of poetry. Poetry that will delight and inspire both you and your children. It is a world steeped in wonder and amazement as we look at the creation all around us and even the Creator who gave it all to us.

You like poetry. But you are particular. Me too! I love poetry. Poetry that inspires and has something to say. Even nonsense poetry can do that. For real. Think of Hey Diddle Diddle. While we cannot trace its history, it never fails to delight generation after generation. No story line just delightful snippits of animals and heavenly bodies strung together with the dish running away with the spoon at the end. Genius gobbley-gook. at its finest.

So, is this all there is? Let’s see. Did I say you’re gonna love poetry? Because that is the real purpose of this forum. We want to bring you back to a lost love, a love that never should have been lost. So let’s get going. Look for poems you may remember, some you have forgotten, some even that got so buried you’ve never even heard them. And big surprise, look for the poems of Sara Loo. She knows you’ve not heard these poems. Be delighted or be banished. No. No one gets banished. Benighted maybe. Never banished.

Go round the site. You’ll find poems galore plus stories about the people who wrote them, how they felt about being in this world and what they were writing about and anything else of interest to a growing mind and blossoming imagination. Now shooooh! Get yourself going!