Max Lucado

Max Lucado is the writer of many award-winning books.
His books bring encouragement to people who are broken
or searching for something to hold on to, something which
will give them hope. The thing about Max’s writing is that
his writing is unique and that is because his thoughts are

Sometimes he will say something in a unique way, but
somethings he will say something that hasn’t been said.

Below are a list of some of his books. You owe it to
yourself to become acquainted with Max Lucado. But
do know this. To become acquainted with Max Lucado
you must be willing to become acquainted with Jesus


Six Hours One Friday: Anchoring to the Power of the Cross

The Applause of Heaven

In the Eye of the Storm: A Day in the Life of Jesus

Just In Case You Ever Wonder

And the Angels Were Silent

Tell Me the Story

He Still Moves Stones

Tell Me the Secrets

The Crippled Lamb

When God Whispers Your Name

The Children of the King

The Final Week of Jesus

A Gentle Thunder

The Song of the King

He Chose the Nails

The Inspirational Study Bible

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