Lewis Carroll

This is the man who created the wonderful

Book Alice In Wonderland. His name is Lewis Carroll.

 Alice In Wonderland is a magical story with lots of fun, surprises, and characters that you’d love to meet and go on  adventures with! Here are some reasons I think you would love such an adventure.

  1. Adventure: Alice goes on exciting adventures in a magical world.
  2. Talking Animals: The animals in Wonderland can talk, making it fun to imagine what they might say.
  3. Curious Alice: Alice is just like us, always curious and   asking questions.
  4. Unusual Characters: Meet the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and more ~ they are so quirky and interesting.
  5. Colorful Wonderland: This wonderland is full of bright colors and surprises.
  6. Tea Parties: Alice attends lots of tea parties with fun characters and delicious treats.
  7. Size changes: Alice can grow very tall or tiny, which is not only magical, but it can come in handy when in a tight spot.
  8. Crazy Rules: In Wonderland, things don’t work like they do in the real world.
  9. Queen of Hearts: The Queen is just outrageously funny with her love for red roses and shouting “Off with their heads!”

    9.  Talking Flowers: Flowers in Wonderland talk and have personalities.

  10.   Riddles: The Caterpillar and the Hatter love to tell riddles and jokes.

  11.   Mysterious Doors: Mysterious Doors add to the suspense of the story, and you don’t know what to expect next.

  12.   The White Rabbit: Following the White Rabbit leads to more adventure.

  13.   Eating and Drinking: Magic food and drinks can change your size or make you invisible.

  14.   Unbirthday Parties: Celebrating Unbirthdays is a fun idea ~ you can have on any day!

  15.   Caterpillar Advice: A calm caterpillar gives Alice advice on being herself.

  16.   Painting Roses: People try to paint white roses red to please the Queen.

  17.   Queer Creatures: Meet creatures like the Gryphon and Mock Turtle with silly stories.

  18.   Mad Tea Party: The tea party with the Mad Hatter is wonderfully chaotic.

  19.   Playing Croquet: They play croquet with flamingos as mallets and hedgehogs as balls.

  20.   Absurd Rules: Wonderland has strange rules that make you think.

  21.   The Duchess’s Baby: A baby that turns into a pig! That’s upended!

  22.   Magic Mushroom: Alice meets a caterpillar on a big mushroom who tells her she will grow bigger or smaller if she eats the mushroom.

  23.   Time and Clocks: Time is a person in Wonderland, and he is always worried about being late.

  24.   The Cat Disappears: The Cheshire cat can make himself invisible, which is very cool.

So, you see, “Alice In Wonderland” is a magical story with lots of fun, surprises and characters that you’d love to meet and go on adventures with. Don’t you agree?

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