C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis is the man who brought us the amazing Tales of Narnia. Clive Staples Lewis was born in Ireland in the year eighteen ninety-eight. He had a father, a mother, one brother and a dog named Jacksie. The family lived in a great big house filled with books. Books were piled in stacks on stair landings, inside cupboards, every room served as a library.

At one-point, beloved Jacksie was killed. Hating his given name, Clive began calling himself Jacksie.  After much battling, he settled on Jack and would answer to no other name.

As Jack grew, so did his imagination.  The two boys, Jack and Warney, would spend all their waking hours creating imaginary characters. Their lives were filled with joy and happiness until suddenly, Mother passed away. Mother was their rock. She was the one they turned to for guidance and love and comfort.

Father was cold and aloof, a man unable to manage or care for his boys. Accordingly, with no ado, he decided the boys would be shipped off to boarding school. Not any boarding school. This boarding school was far and away in a foreign country. But off they went, two grieving sons, Jack nine years old and Warney three years his senior.

They landed in England in a most terrifying plight. The head of the school was a tyrant, a bully, a mean and vengeful man. No one escaped his insane machinations. Years later, Jack said he became a solid atheist while living at that school. Lucky for all the students, within two years’ time, the man was committed to an insane asylum.

In spite of the upending of their lives, both Jack and Warney survived. They went on to live and learn and share their lives with the world, Jack as a brilliant teacher and author and Warney as his doting and encouraging brother.

 Albert Einstein once said that if you want your children to become intelligent, read them fairy tales.  

C.S. Lewis created the wonderful Tales of Narnia, a series of seven books much like fairy tales in many aspects. Every child should be introduced to these captivating books. They will capture their imaginations and expand and enrich their lives. Get these books however you can get them and read them to your children.

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