Alfred Lord Tennyson

The man who wrote the poem, The Eagle was born in England in the year 1809. He grew up in a big house with many brothers and sisters.

As a boy he loved telling stories about great adventures of knights in shining armor. By the time he was almost grown his hair was long and thick and his beard was black and furry. He looked a lot like the characters he would invent in his stories.

Before long people understood he was very good at writing poetry as well. Before many years had passed, he was well on his way writing poem after poem.

Eventually, the English people chose
Mr. Tennyson to be their Poet Laureate. He remained England’s Poet Laureate for his entire lifetime.

One of his most famous poems is called Ulysses. It is also one of the most famous poems in all of English literature, and many people believe that The Eagle, only 39 words in all, is one of the greatest descriptions in all of English literature.

I agree. No one before Tennyson nor anyone after Tennyson has even come close to this exacting description of the eagle. Not only that but this tiny piece of description can hold its own against the description of any subject, I believe.

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