Writing is a passion, a love affair with words. It’s what keeps a writer staring at the ocean or fighting with the sea; it is the longing to have that passion surge up onto the pages of your story to make the elements of your writing come alive. Isn’t that what all writers strive for?  This metaphor is very close to me.  

I grew up living near the ocean. It was always there like an old shoe dangling from the door stoop. I had no idea how much I took it for granted until I traveled inland, and that deep, dark love stirred within me.  I missed the sea. I longed to see the ocean.  It is in these moments that we come to know ourselves in the most existential way.

 I believe that writing has the ability to stir that same something deep within the human spirit- the result of which becomes those wonderful things we call books. But equally wonderful are the people who read them.

It is the reason I love to read and also to create stories. And I have been known to be running in circles trying to create rhyme.  Although in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that while traveling some summers past, I came across an Irishman who shared with me that my ancestors on my mother’s side were the traveling ‘bards’ or poets of Ireland. It was their occupation. 

Today I am a lover of oceans and sea sides, children and laughter, plus every good book.  I look to share my work with you but also to share every good writer I can find. 

sara loo

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