Writing is a passion, a love affair with words, It is the thing that keeps you staring at the ocean, fighting with the sea, longing to make it surge up onto the page of your story, the elements of your writing. Did I use this metaphor because it is so close to me? I grew up on the ocean. It was always there like an old shoe dangling from the door stoop. I had no idea how much I took it for granted until the time came when I found myself rebooted inland. And then the deep dark love stirred within me. I missed the sea. I missed the ocean. It is in these moments that we come to know ourselves in the most existential way isn’t it?

Today I am a lover of oceans and seasides, children and laughter, plus every good book. And that’s what this website is all about, bringing you excellence in writing, sharing with you the lives and stories of our wonderful heritage. I hope I do a good job of it. I’m just starting out. As the website grows I will share some real life stories of my own life and if I get the courage I’ll share my best poetry with you as well.